We aim for 3 week turnarounds, depending what you are ordering.

My suppliers of the deluxe canvas prints have regular delays in production because of supply chain disruptions for quality wood frames.

We are offering low shipping rates where we can. Larger orders require custom delivery carriers especially to the US. We will always try to place orders in bulk because this is better for the environment and your personal shipping cost.

While we may not have an exact delivery date calculated at the time of purchase, we will always keep customers updated and provide tracking numbers when ready.


The art career of Emma Barr has spanned over two decades. Primary themes in her work are about exploring world of colour. Trained in mixed media, Emma creates two and three-dimensional works of art in many mediums including canvas, paint, paper, wood and electronics.

Each piece considers quality and are intended to last and increase in value each year. Original paintings are selling all over the world and take six to twelve months to complete.

This career artist is passionately living her dream with the power to evoke strong emotion and healing energies that are imbedded through the creation of her work.